Stunning Views with a Slice of History (a review)

31 May

The Dare Memorial Cafe offers you stunning views over Dili whilst you sip a cup of coffee and take in the history of this unique monument to the sacrifices of the East Timorese people in the service of friendship and regional peace:

Dare Memorial Museum & Cafe

Dare is well worth the drive on a Saturday or Sunday morning. It’s not open during the week so save it up for a weekend brunch date. Its about 25 minutes up into the hills overlooking Dili at an old memorial to the Australian soldiers who fought here in WWII and their East Timorese ‘kriados’ or “helpers/friends”. The place opened in early 2009 and is suprisingly chic for its location. There is a very informative little movie about the place and history of East Timor during WWII and Australias involvement plus some interesting posters documenting this period. Combined with the views and the knowledge, the money supports the local school and it’s a must do if you’re free on the weekend, especially if you’re Australian. The plunger coffee is good, very tasty range of toasted sandwiches and savoury pancakes. Coffee $2.50 and food $4. To get there drive up on the road past Taibesse markets on the road to Ainaro, then keep and eye out for a memorial plaque on the right hand side of the road heading up. Highlight has to be the great view of Dili with the metro chic crockery. Rating 7.5/10

(From Restaurant Guide to Dili) –



One Response to “Stunning Views with a Slice of History (a review)”

  1. gerald kenneally December 17, 2013 at 9:43 am #

    On this day the 17th December 1941 the first of the Australian Commando Units arrived in Dili East Timor .

    For the next 12 Months the men of the 2/2nd and 2/4th units were involved in fierce battles against a strong Japanese army in and around Dili and up in the hills of Dare and beyond .

    A special bond was formed by the East Timorese and the Australian soldiers .
    That bond was born out of trust .

    The trust and bond remained with Australian soldiers and the East Timorese who gave their lives protecting our loved ones .

    As East Timor began to rebuild from the disruption and carnage they suffered during WW2 the country was again invaded in 1975 and suffered for 24 years . Those friendships formed by the East Timorese and the Australian Soldiers were put to the test.

    Many of the men of the 2/2nd and 2/4th spoke up in defence for the people of East Timor my father John ‘Paddy’ Kenneally being one of them .

    Not a day went by when he would be fighting for the human rights for the people who saved his life and the lives of his mates .

    There is much to be learnt from the words , trust and friendship . My late father would be disappointed in the recent events of the Australia Government , given the history of the past and the loyalty shown to the Australian Soldiers of 1942.

    My wish is that each and every Australian will stand beside the people of Timor- Leste during the years ahead and ensure that the country that protected and gave its life for our men will call to account the debt of honour owed to the tiny nation across the way .

    Trust , Respect, Loyalty , are what make countries grow together .

    Gerald Kenneally

    Chairman of the Dare Museum and Café

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