How To Fuck Like A Man

She is there to please you. I felt this very real sense of accomplishment. Every one is unique.

My face by this time was smooshed against my sweaty window. Then she slowly began to pound my ass rythmically.

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If she has longer hair, you can wrap it around your hand while fucking her doggy style. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Thank you for your feedback! I'm hispanic and black men and latino are the best at doing their things. You have to live in the moment.

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Ravish her, dominate her, open her mind by looking her in the eyes and talking dirty to her and you will rock her fucking world.

How do you get into her head and turn her on? Being a girl i was impressed at how spot on you were in this post, all those things you mentioned get me extremely wet.

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But i think its just technique lol.

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